Matthews, Caitlin: The Arthurian Tarot Course

Thorson's, London, 1993 ISBN 1-85538-258-X

This book offers a structured study of the Arthurian Tarot through meditation. While other books have offered the idea that one can study the tarot by entering into the cards and interacting with the characters in guided meditation, this course offers the unique principle of studying the cards one suit per season. Thus, the Swords and selected Major Arcana are studied in the Spring, the season of Air, the Spears are studied through the Summer, etc. One works with 1-3 cards per week, exploring the cards, the issues they present, and one's beliefs about these issues.

I found it an exceptionally powerful way of making the deck my own. For me, it was also a gentle but powerful way of making peace with one of the elements I had hitherto felt lost with. I actually enjoyed the process so much that the following year I adapted it to the study of another tarot deck. ~WS