Mehl-Madrona, Lewis: Coyote Medicine

Scribner, new York, NY 1997 ISBN 0-684-80271-6

A fascinating story about a brilliant and complex man dedicated to the marriage of Western Orthodox Medicine and Native Healing Ways. Mehl-Madrona was a half-breed driven by the shame of his bastardy to stunning academic accomplishments at an early age. He enrolled in Medical studies thinking to pursue a career in research, and became fascinated by how medicine heals and fails to heal. He simultaneously embarked on a study of traditional Native healing teachings, and tried for many years to find ways to marry the two studies. The story of his ultimate success is one of compassion, determination, and faith. He describes stunning healing successes with AIDS , cancer, and psychiatric illness. He also offers unique insights on the process of healing, how Native American storytelling, sweats, vision quests and other rituals tap into this process, and how Medicine could do so if it were less committed to the scientific model. Anyone on a healing path would do well to read this book. ~WS