Richardson, Alan, Earth God Rising

Llewellyn, St Paul, MN, 1990. ISBN 0-87542-672-7

Richardson writes with his usual whimiscal mix of scholarship and intuitive musing. In his biography of Dion Fortune, I found it annoying how often he would try to fill in a lack of facts with emotional contemplation. In this book he successfully sets out the lore of the major God aspects, but also appeals to the right brain through emotion, ritual, and deep memory, introducing his readers to the Horned God as earthy, humorous, protective, pragmatic, and dedicated to the land. He offers exercises in basic magic, but purposely makes them sketchy, providing ample opportunity for one to customise them.

I offer a quote from the last three paragraphs to give you a feel for his approach:

"I have shown him to you in the form of the stag, ram, and bull, and would only point out in respect to the latter that were there are bulls, there might also be bullshit.

"Have I added any? Perhaps, perhaps not. I will only promise that, if I have done so, it will have been placed with great skill, and with the full knowledge that bullshit is in itself a wondrously potent fertiliser.

"The path of the most ancient God is now stretching before you, already glistening in your spirit if you but knew it. Enjoy the journey--but watch your step." ~WS