Green, Marian: Everyday Magic

Thorson's, London, England 1995 ISBN 1-85538-438-8

This little book is a lot more powerful than its size and presentation might suggest. It starts with the basic theory of magic, carefully encouraging the reader to try it and keep working at it, and speaking about the ethics of magic all the way through. It is not a recipe book, nor does it demand that one find many pieces of equipment or special products. It simply presents a dozen or so exercises designed to help one acquire some of the skills necessary for working magic. It starts with meditation and visualisation, helps the reader explore her/his feelings about Deity, introduces the elements, guides one through the process of finding out about past lives, and concludes with a ritual of self-dedication, in which the dedicant asks for guidance to find the right path for him or her to follow in working with magic. ~WS