Weed, Susun: Healing Wise, The Wise Woman Herbal

Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, NY. 1989 ISBN 0-9614620-2-7

A book that takes all your ideas of what healing is, shakes them around a little, and makes you think about what healing *can* be if we get back in touch with our bodies, intuition, the Earth Mother, and the herbs we want to use. The author is passionate about herbs and about "healing" as opposed to "removing symptoms." She is well researched, and offers an amazing depth of technical information on the seven herbs covered, including their nutritional offerings. She also leads the reader through visualisations to get in touch with the spirits of the herbs, and absolutely delightful meetings with those spirits, who speak about how they want to help us. Amusing, awakening, vitalising, and invaluable. ~WS