Hoffman, David: The Herbal Handbook

Healing Arts Press, Rochester Vermont 1989 ISBN 0-89281-275-3

This is probably the book I most recommend to those interested in starting to learn about medical herbalism. Presented with Hoffman's usual holistic approach to healing, it's a chock full little two hundred pages that covers all you need to get started. One section covers the different classifications of medicinal actions, offering examples of herbs that perform these functions in the different tissues of the body. There is a short section that covers the different classifications of active chemicals in plants. A longer section goes through each system of the body, explaining basic disease processes and how different herbs can help them. It also covers medicinal properties of certain foods, using herbs for dying, and pot-pourri. Leaves the beginner with a clear understanding of the philosophy of holistic herbalism, and ways to apply the principles of herbal healing to other herbs s/he may come across. ~WS