Starhawk and M Macha Nightmare: The Pagan Book of Living and Dying

HarperCollins, 1997 ISBN 0-06-251516-0

An extremely useful book which covers its subject thoroughly. Co-authored by Starhawk and M Macha Nightmare, it is also a collection of contributions from many pagans, some of whom are in the Reclaiming collective, and others who aren't. As well as words of comfort about the pagan view of death, there are careful and comprehensive explorations about the muddy areas: suicide, abortion, euthanasia, etc. It includes a wealth of chants with musical scores, poems, and examples of prayers and ritual. Rich with personal experiences of those who have guided, facilitated, created ritual, and performed other services for the dying both before and after death. It is valuable to anyone who feels called to serve as a priest/ess in this community, or anyone who is dealing with the imminent or recent death of a loved one; but it also offers some practical advice about doing the groundwork so that one's own death, even if it comes unexpectedly, won't be a burden to our loved ones. Highly recommended. ~WS