Weinstein, Marion: Positive Magic, Occult Self-Help

Phoenix Publishing, Custer WA. 1981. ISBN 0-91345-00-X

This classic work is less a how-to book about Wicca than an exploration of the history and philosophy of the Craft, with the author's insights on putting Astrology, Tarot, and I Ching to work in our lives. It concludes with detailed instructions on Weinstein's simple but profound magical system called Words of Power. It offers one of the most complete explanations of how magic works that I have seen, and draws the boundaries between positive and negative magic very clearly. The Words of Power system is simple, in that it uses words only, but seems flexible enough to offer assistance on all levels from emotional and past life healing to finding the perfect car. The book is exhaustive in its treatment of certain subject s, but it's written well and with humour. In my opinion all who follow this path should read it at some time. ~WS