Green, Marion: A Witch Alone

Aquarian Press, London, 1991, 1-85538-112-5

A thoughtful and thought-provoking book; even though it is offered as a workbook for those beginning the study of Paganism, I got a great deal out of it seven years into my studies. It offers one chapter to be completed per month, with exercises and suggested reading. Green's approach is definitely that this path takes work, study, and time, and so this work will best appeal to a more mature beginner. She treats all her subjects deeply, although this survey cannot treat them all thoroughly. The book is geared to students in Britain, emphasising a study of sacred sites that may leave North Americans feeling a little left out...unless one is already used to acknowledging that Native American wisdom can teach us a great deal about the land we live on. The suggestions for a self- dedication ritual are superb. ~WS