Hello Everyone!

It's summer once again. And let me tell you, it's been a cooker here on the east coast. Not to worry - the Kook is fortunate and has central air in which to hide from the simmering heat.

This is the status report of goings-on in Kook territory. As some of you have read in the forum, just before spring my yard was literally eaten by canker worms. Most of my seedlings got eaten as a result of this evil attack, so I had to run out to local nurseries to purchase plants. I did pretty well, I think. In my area we have another round of these evil worms to look forward to in the fall.

Of course, we had torrential downpours the same day I put the plants in the ground. And it continued to rain for days afterward. Kook's Garden had become Lake Kook.

Naturally, more plants decided to give it up. And frankly, I just about gave it up, too, as far as working on the garden was concerned. I fretted and dug a lot of stuff up and replanted it... but it was too far gone.

Then came the 100 degree heat for over a week... and I admit it, I threw in the towel after that one.

A few remnants of all of my plants remain, mostly in containers that I can move when it's just too hot for the plants to cope. Meanwhile, I sit in my air conditioned domicile and plan for next year, in hopes that El Niño - the cause of my gardening woes and (as I've heard) most of everyone's problems - doesn't leave us with a horrendous winter.

Good luck, get ready for those fall mums, at least!


July, 1998