On November 6, 1998, Willowsong passed from this world, but not from our memory or our hearts. This page (and the continuation of this website!) is a tribute to her, to the love she felt for all of us, and the love we still feel for her.

Willo was many things to many people—sister, friend, confidante, healer, sounding board, a shoulder to lean on, a soothing voice. She would be the first to tell you she wasn't perfect; but who is? She was kind, and funny, and loving, and she cared about us.

Immediately upon hearing of Willo's passing, a remembrance room was created, and tributes were left from around the globe.

A few days later, people from the House O'Chatter gathered online to perform a ritual, both to remember Willo and help us grieve. The ritual is available here.

Willo's husband Pat also created a beautiful collage in memory of his wife ... that is located here.

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