The Chattering Quilter's Guild

Has been inactive for some time. At one point, we were having regular Stitch n' Bitch sessions (or just Bitch sessions, or even just friendly chats open to non-quilters as well) on Thursday evenings at Lady Vix's chatroom. This dissolved when our chief organiser found herself looking after two toddler-aged grandchildren, but we're looking for anyone who's interested in volunteering to take over organizing these meetings. Please email one of The Dance's moderators if you're interested!

Selected Quilting Links

Here are a few links to get you started exploring quilting on the internet. There are actually hundreds of quilting sites. I skipped over most of the ones that were primarily commercial and found these, which are either great resources for finding more or offer some beginning instruction in quilting. Enjoy! : )

The World Wide Quilting Page: a comprehensive, user-driven page with a bulletin board for questions, blocks of the month, FAQ, beginners's tips, hints, reveiws of quilting books, boards for trading fabric and squares, and links to mailing lists...a wonderful cornucopia...

D Duperault's Textiles Page: a personal page with a wealth of quilting stuff.

Quiltropolis: a page of mailing lists of interest to quilters and other fabric artists....

National Quilting Association: website of the "National Quilting Association," a group in Washington DC...lots of community notices and also their quarterly journal online.

A Piece Maker Patching Things Together: a site in progress that looks like it will contain a lot of good info for beginners

Kwik Squares: a site with short online lessons for beginners

The Mining Company Quilting Page: another good comprehensive page...

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