Meeting the Goddess

"I, who am the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters, and desire in the heart of mankind, call unto thy soul...."

I could write a hundred pages about the Goddess and barely brush the surface. She has been called the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names....and I have never seen a complete list. She made everything in our world and imbues it with spirit. She is everything we see and everything we feel, and everything that bubbles beneath the surface of our consciousness.

Anthropologists and scholars will tell you about many of the names She has been called in the past, and about the stories, myths, customs, and works of art dedicated to Her by those names. Many, many witches will tell you how she is seen in their Traditions. Sometimes I like to walk in the wild places and see Her many faces: in the tall firs and the perfect faces of Spring blossoms; in the rough hewn cliffs and the rich loam of the forest floor; in the soaring eagle and the earthworm; in a dew drenched spider web and in the poor corpses hanging there; in a bubbling brook or the rustling of a beetle in fallen leaves; in the hundreds of spring . I could learn a thousand thousand of her faces in this way.

I also see her when I look at my human sisters and brothers. She is the rounded belly and luminous face of the mother to be, and her hand resting lovingly on it. She is a face full of smile lines gained through many years of life. She is a baby laughing for no better reason than being alive. She is love in all its forms and She is the cleansing of anger. She is laughter and curiosity and wonder. She is anguish and courage and endurance. She is all that is noble, all that is human, and all that is animal....and in Her all this is made sacred.

Since She called to me eight years ago, I have seen Her play many roles in my life. She has been Mother, Healer, Liberator, Tutor, Challenger, Bringer of good tidings and bad, Comforter, Scold, Child, Sister, Warrior, Friend, Joker, Trickster, Heroine, Inspiration, Motivation, Mystery, Sage, Support, Beauty, Creativity, Compassion, Peace, Goad, Wisdom....I could go on, but I think you've got the idea by now.

Whether you wish to call Her by any particular name and ask Her help with those things which that part of Her works with or to simply marvel at her hugeness, She will permeate everything you do.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I invoke Her or if I just allow myself to become aware of Her presence, which is always with me. Sometimes I'm not sure if She's outside me or if I'm actually She and just limited in my ability to comprehend myself. I do know that if I sincerely want to cultivate a particular quality in myself and call upon Her, either by a specific name or as the Source of all including that quality, gradually that quality grows in me...whether from without or within, I can't say. Often, I just laugh and say that is part of Her mystery and Her magnificnece, that all these ways of seeing and thinking of Her are correct.

I call God/dess Her because it comforts me to think of this Source as feminine. Perhaps this is because I am female in this life, and it is easier to see the Divine in myself if I call it Her. Perhaps it is to distinguish the God/dess I am meeting from the Christian God who so saturated the culture I grew up in. But the fact remains that God/dess is that God, and all Gods, as well as all Goddesses mankind has known...and She is in all men and women, and is all qualities...those we call feminine and those we call masculine. So if someone else calls Her a Him, I won't argue; I'll just be delighted She has made Herself known to this friend.

Wherever you go seeking Her, you will find Her. Whether you look outside yourself or within. Whether you look in books or in the world around you. Whether you look through a microscope or a telescope. But you will never completely know Her or yourself until you look in all these places. As you open to Her, and invite Her into your life, you will become more and more aware of Her presence...and in time you will be consciously aware of Her presence more and more of the time.

And eventually, you will be embraced by Her completely and leave your body come back in another body at another time and start this joyous process of coming home to your/Her-self all over again...

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