Meeting the God

Hear the words of the dancing God, the music of whose laughter stirs the winds and whose voice calls the seasons:

This essay is one I've started a number of times: Ive had a hard time feeling satisfied with it. The God of the witches is a fun-loving, straightforward fellow who deserves better than exhaustive comparisons to the Christian God or to the Goddess. Yet He's more often described in terms of what He's not than what He is...which does Him an injustice.

I wrote about the Goddess as a composite of the many pagan Goddesses I've met. When I try to do the same with the God, somehow the words God and Him on the page seem all too reminiscent of the judgmental and jealous God I grew up hearing about. I experimented with many qualifying words to distinguish my God... "the God of the Witches," "the God of the Greenwood," etc, etc. Eventually, I just decided to trust that the simple word "the" will make it clear Whom I'm describing.

The other problem I've had is that I do tend to see Goddess and God as part of one Source, and as a woman it feels natural to me to speak of it as She...when I'm too lazy to type S/He. Because I know deeply that all living things contain a balance of male and female energy, as this Source does, it has always seemed rather artificial to separate qualities into male and female. (I suppose the feminist in me doesn't like it much, either ; ) So it has taken some years of feeling the lifeforce in Nature, and recognising the differences between the involuting and synthesising processes and those that are more expansive, to develop a sense for the God and how His love and energy express themselves.

The God is there in the golden warmth of the Sun...which all living things turn their faces to in pleasure. The glowing light in the sky whose warmth encourages the seeds to sprout is the loving Father who encourages us all to grow.

The God is present in the winds. His playful loving touch makes our hair tickle our cheeks. His will to move shifts the sands and soils, abrading the mountains. His need to occasionally clear out the old to make way for the new raises storms, and if the very air needs cleaning, the fire of lightening cracks through the sky. His breath carries the air masses that create weather, warming and cooling as His Sun-self grows stronger in the Spring and rests in the fall and winter.

While I associate the Goddess with most of the physical world, because I see the Earth and Her children as results of the process of creation and embodying that I consider essentially feminine, I see the God as the spark that makes all processes begin. I also see Him as movement.

Dancing, of course, is movement that's fun, expressive, skilful, and powerful. But whether it be dancing or mock combat or any other physical skill, fine-toned muscles and joy in using them hard are features of male animals and archetypes the world over. As well, I associate Him with purposeful movement toward a goal, and so with the quality we call Will. So too, the random motion of molecules associating and breaking apart to try new combinations is sparked by the God; therefore I see the process of evolution as made possible by Him.

While exploration and curiosity are features of children of either sex, the urge to know by exploring the world around us, by dissecting, comparing and synthesising, is one I associate with the God in his child I associate exploration of the inner realms with the Goddess.

This outward movement is shown in its most basic form in the sexual act, where the male extends himself and puts his offering out in the world. Thus I tend to associate many forms of active, outward expression with the God: dance again, speech, and many types of music, particularly drumming. Also, geysers, volcanos, and the bursting forth of buds in the Spring. So, too, many processes of catharsis and clearing through expression are the realm of the God.

Indeed, I also see laughter and humour as part of His domain. So many of the tricksters in world mythology are are the Gods of merriment.

My appreciation and understanding of this consort, lover, and partner of the Goddess is growing as I open to know Him. Indeed, I have found a great deal of healing in meeting and knowing male archetypes that work and play in partnerships rather than domination, and of meeting a father God who encourages me to grow into the best I can be rather than judging me unworthy. It wasn't the immediate and natural knowing that I felt with the Goddess...but now that the recognition has started, it feels both comfortable and empowering.

And how wonderful to recognise Him in every man I meet.

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